Wednesday 17 August 2011

Some Fashion Rules To Live By

It's an uncomfortable truth amongst the ethical fashion crowd that the most Eco-friendly clothing is second-hand. Why buy new when you can retask something with a history and a look all its own? It's recycling in its purest form, and it's a job that many of our mums and grandmas would recognise as something of a necessity.

Over on the Oxfam fashion blog, writer and stylist Amisha Ghadiali has set out her rules for responsible shopping, which include tips and pointers for maaaaaybe cutting back a bit on the new gear and raiding the dress-up box or the racks of second hand shops instead for a new look.

However, she's also on the ball when it comes to the moment when you simply have to buy new. In short, look out for small UK and Eco-friendly designers, always buy fair-trade and ask questions about where your clothes are coming from.

That's an approach that we at Pier32 endorse strongly. Doing a bit of research and having fun with your wardrobe are key parts of the ethical aesthetic, and Amisha shows how easy it is to be both green and glam. The whole list is well worth your time.

Amisha Ghadiali's 12 Top Tips To Dress By (Oxfam Fashion)

Amisha's blog, Elegance Rebellion, has more top tips for all you caring fashionistas.

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