Thursday 21 March 2013

2.8 Hours Later

It's late. A dark night. The streets are empty. You are with a group of people you don't really know, edging your way towards light and safety.

Suddenly, there is a growl and a moan behind you. Something breaks out of the shadows and lurches towards the group. Its face is dead white. Its eyes are wide and staring, the pupils mere pinpricks. There is blood on its jaw.

A zombie. It's spotted you. It's quicker than you thought. And suddenly you're running, all attempts at stealth gone. You hear a scream as the creature closes on one of your party that was a little slower than you. It's too late for them. But there's still a chance for you. As long as you can survive... for 2.8 hours.

2.8 Hours Later stage zombie experience games up and down the country. In the heart of some of Britain's biggest cities, they put together an evening that's as close to the Z-Day apocalypse as you'd ever want to experience. It's a fully-staged adventure that could go either way. There's a chance that you could end up on the side of the undead. For 2013 they've rewritten the rules for the new game, "Asylum", which rolls some intriguing social commentary and uncomfortable choices into the roleplay. This isn't just a dressed-up version of tag.

The Pier32 connection to the asylum? We've done t-shirts for the crew for the last couple of years, and we'll be doing the same again for the 2013 season, which started yesterday in Nottingham. The undead roadshow moves through Birmingham, Glasgow and Manchester, before finishing in Liverpool in July.  There are more dates to be announced, which gives you plenty of opportunities to run the gauntlet. You could even volunteer to help run the game!

Check out the video to see what you can expect at a 2.8 Hours Later event, and hit up the website to snag tickets. The Nottingham stage runs until Saturday 23rd March.

2.8 Hours Later 

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