Friday 1 March 2013

It's Time For Sprout Watches

I have to admit to a fondness for unusual watches. I'm enthusiastic about esoteric movements and innovative materials. Needless to say, then, I'm a sucker for Sprout Watches.
This Long Island based company are really pushing the boundaries of what you can do with eco-friendly materials to create good-looking timepieces. They use corn resins, which are biodegradable and, unlike conventional plastics, don't use oil resources. Biodegradable doesn't mean they'll fall off your wrist in a hurry, though: Sprout watches come with a lifetime guarantee.
Dials and fittings are made from deeply sustainable sources like bamboo and cork. The straps use Tyvek, which is a coated recycled paper that wears like leather, or fish skin, a by-product of the food industry which is incredibly resilient and hard-wearing. Footwear god Manolo Blahnik has recently started using fish skin in his shoes, and if it's good enough for Manolo...
The watches are exclusively powered by mercury-free batteries, helping to keep that nasty toxin out of the ecosphere. They'll even recycle it for you when it runs out.
None of which would mean anything if the look wasn't right. Which, I'm happy to confirm, it is. There's a wide range of womens, mens and kids styles to pick from, including some water-resistant models. There's a chunky, Ice Watch aesthetic at play which is going to play very well with the trendies. Sprout also have a time-teaching clock, and they've even moved into a neat little range of recycled shopping bags.
Sprout Watches are fun, inexpensive and seriously eco-friendly. Watch out for these guys.
Sprout Watches.

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