Thursday 28 March 2013

You've Got Mail! And A Great New Laptop Bag!

OK, I promise, I'll stop mithering on about laptop bags after this post. But I wanted to highlight one last project, which really is worth a minute of your time.
The You've Got Mail bag is a Kickstarter project from, out of Phoenix, Arizona. They've come up with a new spin on the upcycled messenger bag.
The You've Got Mail is made from old sturdy US Postal Service sacks, that have been lovingly resewn, dyed and formed into something a bit special. Old design features like the retro graphics peek out of a fresh dye job, and the grommets that were initially used to secure the bags become a handy headphone or power port.

The bags have plenty of pockets and storage space, and are of course well padded to keep your technological darlings safe and snug. The straps are made from sturdy old seatbelts. The design is clean and modern with (ahem) bags of old-timey charm. Most importantly, the nature of the process means that no two bags are alike. Your YGM will be the only one like it on the planet.
The green creds of the You've Got Mail are equally impressive. They're reducing waste sent to landfill (saving 5 tons so far), using locally sourced material and an all-US workforce. This is a sustainable, forward-thinking business model that deserves your support.
And you can do just that. The Kickstarter that Hearts have set up offer all kinds of rewards, from a simple 'thank you' if you throw them a buck, to having the whole production run named after you. Of course, you could always just snag the bag at a cheap early-bird price. And bear in mind, if Hearts don't make their fundraising target, you don't get charged.
I'll be keeping an eye on this over the next month or so. At the time of writing, the project has 28 days to go, and is just over 10% of the way towards its $10,000 target. That seems like an easily reachable goal to me, but it needs interested parties like you to show support for a business venture that just needs that little bit of seed capital to get off to a great start.

You've Got Mail Kickstarter

One last thing. This is the View's 300th post. Let me just take a moment to thank everyone that regularly reads and comments on the blog. It's very much appreciated. We're taking a few days off (bank holiday DIY, naturally) so we'll see you again next Tuesday. Happy Easter, readers!

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