Monday 25 March 2013

Putting The Office In A Bag

We've had a bit of an upgrade here at the end of The Pier. As your humble writer is doing much more video work, the poor old Macbook which he's mercilessly thrashed over the last five years is sadly no longer fit for purpose. It was with a slight air of melancholy, quickly replaced with unseemly whooping and running about, that the social media office of Pier32 took delivery of a lovely new Macbook Pro. It's been put straight to work, with the new Starworld video being the first of many promotional shorts that we plan to regale you with.

Mobility is all important in the fast-changing world of bloggery, facebookism and twitterology, and a cool new laptop is no good if you're lugging it around in a Tesco's carrier. So I'm in the market for a new laptop bag. There are a couple of options that have my eye, one of which is currently under test. More on that soon.

But let's have a peek at the Juan Valdez, a bag from the Utah-based Apple tote specialists Colcasac. Loosely based on their iconic Applesac, it's made from burlap, lined with jute, with a soft fleece lining of recycled polyester. The styling is reminiscent of old coffee sacks, which pleases a raddled caffeine addict in me. Burlap and jute are, of course, eminently sustainable materials, and beautifully hard-wearing. The Juan Valdez is a bag that'll be with you for the long run.

The bag is roomy, and highly practical. The central compartment is big enough to get two 13" Macbooks in if you had a mind. There's certainly enough room to fit everything I use for Pier32 into the one object. There's nothing flimsy about the strap, either. Wide and adjustable, it'll let you lug all your stuff around in comfort.

I'm sorely tempted by the Juan Valdez, named after one of the great Columbian coffee pioneers. Colcasac do a great range of sleeves and covers, all with a simplicity of design and focus on practical good looks that I find most pleasing. If you're in the market for something nice for your new Apple device, these guys are definitely worth a look.

Colcasac Juan Valdez Shoulder Bag

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