Monday 22 April 2013

Happy Earth Day from Pier32!

Citizens of Earth: greetings! Today, we celebrate the one thing that we all truly have in common--the small, blue dot in the cosmos that we call home.

Earth Day is marked every April 22nd with events and parties around the globe, showing that small acts can make a big difference to the health of our planet if enough of us get together. 

In Copenhagen, Denmark—as well as in six other cities on five continents—the Danish Cultural Institute is organizing its annual CO 2 Green Drive Project in honor of Earth Day. Runners, walkers, bikers, and skaters are using their cities as canvasses to spell “CO 2“ with GPS devices. 

In Argentina, volunteers from the Surfrider Foundation are cleaning up the local beaches and planting evergreens and Tamarisk shrubs to help prevent wind and water erosion.

In Milan, Italy, thousands of people are gathering for the Earth Day Italia Festival to learn about environmental issues and spur action on local green initiatives.

Even Google is getting in on the act, with a special interactive Google Doodle, allowing you to play with the sun and the moon. 

If you can't make it to any big events, maybe you could celebrate Earth Day by pledging to make a small change in your behaviour. Try avoiding non-recyclable drink and food cartons (the so-called "five-minute containers" that are picked up, used and binned within five minutes), or walk, cycle or use public transport to get around. Maybe you could continue the good work set up in conjunction with the WWF last month, and keep the lights off tonight for a little later than usual--much easier now that the nights are stretching out.

As for me: I'm working hard on blog posts unplugged, using a laptop with a great energy efficiency profile, and wearing an old and well-loved organic and ethically produced Pier32 t-shirt. It's a small step, but I like to think I'm doing my bit. 

Check out the Earth Day website, for more on how you can say thanks to Mother Earth for putting up with your shenanigans. 

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