Monday 15 April 2013

Have A Dog Day With Jessie May

Let's start the week off by highlighting a charity that are doing a lot of good, and trying something a little different to raise some funds. Jessie May provides free nursing care at home for kids with terminal illnesses in Bristol, Somerset and Gloucestershire. Their visits allow parents to pop out to the shops, help their other children with their homework or simply sit down and eat dinner. It's a vital service, enabling parents to have a break, confident that their son or daughter is in the care of someone who understands the complexities of their medical needs, and, most crucially, someone they trust. No other organisation in the Bristol area offers this type of care, including the NHS. This is tough, but important and rewarding work.
They're holding an event in June that sounds like a lot of fun. In association with Newfound Friends, they're offering the chance for you to be rescued at sea by a Newfoundland dog! These giant, friendly monsters are famous for their skills in the water, and Newfound Friends has made a name for themselves by putting on water rescue shows to help charities like Jessie May raise the money they need. The sight of a 14-stone dog launching itself from a speeding dinghy and paddling to your rescue has to be seen to be believed...

We've supplied hi-vis vests for Jessie May, and are happy to be associated with a charity that's doing so much good work. Places for Jessie May's Dog Day at Portishead Marina are still available, but they're going fast. There's a £10 entry fee, and you pledge to raise at least £100 for the charity by entering. If you're going to be in the Bristol area on June 8th, then this has to be worth a look.
For more details, check out Jessie May's website.

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