Tuesday 2 April 2013

Puma Take on The Cradle-To-Cradle Challenge

It's fascinating to see how some of the biggest brands, particularly in sportswear, are reacting to the charges that they're environmentally and ethically unfriendly. All of a sudden, we're seeing huge strides as label after label clamour to show us that they care.
Puma have always been in the forefront of this change in perception, so it seems right that they should be the first to push forward with their first closed-loop collection. Their Incycle range is made of biodegradable components, with the raw materials coming from organic sources. No toxic nasties were used to create the clothes, which have earned the much sought after Cradle To Cradle Certificate. The Puma Basket Trainer (pictured) is made from a blend of organic cotton and linen, while the range's jackets and backpacks are made from PET and and polypropylene, all of which can be broken back down to their original components.
It's all well and good launching a recyclable range, but it's not much use if your customers can't easily return the items when they're done with them. To that end, Puma have closed the loop by offering in-store recycling bins in conjunction with recycling giant I:CO. This isn't just for their clothes; they'll take any brand. This is important in getting customers thinking about the whole life cycle of the clothes they buy. Recycling bins tend to live in car parks and municipal tips. They're an afterthought, connected with unglamourous chores. Turning the process into a feel-good drop-off of beloved items, rather than an alternative to the bin, means people are more likely to do it in the first place.
This is a tiny part of the full Puma range, but it's a start, and a campaign in which we in the ethical fashion have a vested interest. If the big boys can make a go of cradle-to-cradle, then it becomes that little bit easier for the rest of us.
The Incycle range from Puma is available in selected stores worldwide, and online at Puma.com.

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