Friday 19 April 2013

Urban Lace: The Cutting Edge Of Rubber

Do you like rubber? Of course you do. What's not to like? The way it moulds itself to your body shape. The tactile quality. The way it shines and squeaks.
Ahem. Yes. There are a lot of reasons to get excited about rubber, but from an ethical standpoint it's an important resource because it's so sustainable. Rubber comes, logically, from the rubber tree in the form of a gum, which can be formed into anything from bike tyres to sexy, sexy tube dresses.
But because the stuff is so robust, it's also eminently upcyclable. Our Facebook friend Katcha Bilek has made a great business out of selling belts and other accessories out of recycled tyres, and now she's pointed us in the direction of another designer stretching the boundaries of what can be done with rubber.
Urban Lace make clever, gothy jewellery out of old bike inner tubes, which are carefully recut into ear-rings, cuffs and bracelets. They're surprisingly delicate and darkly pretty--accessories with an edge. There's even something for the man in your life.
Urban Lace's accessories have an ever-so-slight fetishy air to them, a hint of the unusual, without going down the handcuff and chain route. As the fashions that were always on the edge become increasingly mainstream, Urban Lace seem to have found the right balance between goth and go-to-the-office. A little something for the 50 Shades-loving lady in your life, perhaps?
For more, hit up the Urban Lace website.

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