Thursday 31 October 2013

It's time to Detox.

The facts, when they come to light, are dreadful and shocking. Fast fashion and sportswear multi-nationals have been polluting the groundwater and potable drinking supplies around their factories for decades. They are effectively treating rivers and streams as their own private sewers. The waste products from their manufacturing processes is toxic. In some cases, carcinogenic. And they've been dumping it straight into the water that local people use for drinking, cooking and washing.
That's the bad news. The good news is that we are starting to find out about it. Thanks to groups like Greenpeace and their Detox campaign, environmental abuses from the biggest names on the High Street are coming to light with increasing regularity. As people find out about what these companies are up to, they start to tell their friends and family. And the word gets out. All of a sudden, that sportswear company isn't known for their charity work or sponsorship deals. They're the people that turn rivers red with toxic dyes.
Social media has become an incredibly potent campaigning tool, and it's proved to have remarkable results. Thanks to the Detox campaign and others like it, many multi-nationals and fashion houses have pledged to overhaul their supply chain, removing toxic chemicals from the manufacturing process by 2020. There's a long way to go, but that's a massive step forward, and shows just how much power we as consumers have to enable real change in the fashion industry.
Here's a video from Greenpeace that talks about Detox, and where we go from here.

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