Monday 21 October 2013

Brilliant Corners: The Indie Style Of The Blue Corner Store

When I was younger, I wanted to run a record shop. It would be a cool, calm but welcoming place, somewhere where you wouldn't get sneered at for liking chart pop, but with the knowledge to help you when you wanted to move on up. There'd be a little coffee bar next door, and we'd sell t-shirts.

I never did find my perfect shop, and with the state of music retail these days, it's probably just as well. But I've found a place that has just that vibe.
The Blue Corner Store started life as your typical snarky indie music blog. That snark's still there of course: any music blog worth reading needs edges sharp enough to cut yourself on. But the writers have mellowed enough over time to be able to include reviews of the new Miley Cyrus album without starting from the assumption that it's worthless. It's a lively, informed and informative read.
More importantly for our purposes, the Blue Corner Store sell a carefully-collated range of clothes. That's where Pier32 come in. The Blue Corner boys insist on an ethical approach for all their sharp, retro designs, and we fit the bill perfectly. We supply most of the items they stock, ensuring that their clothes are investment pieces: built to last and supplied from eco-friendly, sweatshop-free brands.
The Blue Corner Store has just launched a new range, while hanging onto all their favourites (the Quiff Skull T is tricky to keep in stock apparantly, it's that popular). Now's the time to pop over and check them out. I recommend a browse at the blog as well. You might just find your new favourite band.
If only they did coffee...
The Blue Corner Store
The Blue Corner Store uses American Apparel T-shirts, hoodies from AWD and sweatshirts from Continental. Click through for more details on these best-selling ethical brands.
American Apparel:



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