Friday 21 March 2014

Our Top Three For Spring And Summer

Finally, finally, spring is on the way. There are blue skies and the chill in the air is finally warming up. Here at the Pier, that means we're starting to see the start of our busy season, as our top three activities start coming into their own. One of those three activities will almost certainly be appropriate for you as the sun begins to shine.

The Event T-shirt is the starting point for many activities, whether corporate, charity, or educational. This could be a product launch, a fundraiser, or a big school event.

Multiple identical t-shirts are a great way of repeating your message and are an excellent product for raising awareness. Of course, that awareness could be anything from a company to a cause, or a promotion to a product.

Our t-shirts are independently certified to be sweatshop-free. They're ethically produced in safe working conditions without the use of child labour.

Next up, The Leaver Hoodie, which has become increasingly popular over the last few years. We're seeing orders spreading from universities and colleges to junior and infant schools.

Leaver hoodies are a great souvenir of happy school days. The younger children really love them, especially the sense of togetherness that they provide. They look great in group photos too! We're usually asked to supply these garments in time for the traditional end-of-school week away.

Of course, like our t-shirts, we use ethically produced and independently certified hoodies.

Finally, there's Staff Uniform. This is remarkably flexible. Depending on the workplace, staff uniform could be a printed t-shirt, an embroidered polo shirt, aprons, overalls, or even a tailored suit with waistcoat and corporate tie.

We offer all of these and more and we can Pantone match your corporate colours if required.

As we finally leave the cold months behind, now's the time to start thinking about the events coming up, and how Pier32 can help you make them go off without a hitch. Why not give Ian or Gerry a ring on 020 8398 2847drop us an email or use our ever-popular Quick Quote page?

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