Monday 3 March 2014


This week, we're focussing on some of our lovely clients: the people who keep us in business and able to big up the cause of ethical clothing in the promotional industry. Today, we're all at sea, with our friends at Marine Conservation Research.

Marine Conservation Research International is a unique not-for-profit organisation based in the UK. They conduct practical, conservation focused projects internationally on threatened whales, dolphins and their habitats. To do this they have their own ship, the research vessel Song Of The Whale.

The Song Of The Whale is purpose-built and unique. It's one of the quietest marine vessels in the world, thanks to smart design features like a five-bladed propellor and vibration-damping materials on the engine block. It's designed to stay offshore for weeks at a time, and can generate its own power through solar and wind turbine technology. Her crew is experienced, dedicated and adaptable to the challenges that research in the world's oceans can throw at them.

The research season just passed has led the MCR team to make some amazing discoveries, including the detection of beaked whales and harbour porpoises in the Eastern Mediterranean: regions where they hadn't been seen before. It's this kind of work that makes the MCR and The Song Of The Whale such a valuable asset to marine biologists the world over.

If you're interested in meeting the guys at MCR and chatting about their work, they'll be at Whalefest  in Brighton on the 14th-16th of March. Look out for the highly attractive t-shirts, based on Hanes Organics tees--supplied by Pier32, of course! 

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