Friday 15 June 2012

The Fast And The Virtuous

The Lifestyle Area at the Eco-Technology Show is stuffed with
rather cool electric cars. I'm no petrolhead (in fact you can tag me as a two-wheels-and-pedals kind of guy) but there's something kind of intriguing about a plug-and-play ride.

This is the Tesla, the world's fastest production electric car. 0-60 in 3.7 seconds. Scary quick.

This is the Lightning GT, a British made all-electric super car. There's a distinct Jaguar-esque vibe to this one. If James Bond went green, this is the car he'd drive.

Two wheels good. This little beauty, from Weald EVT is at the show to help support their effort to break the world drag-race record for electric cycles. Which currently stands at 201mph.

Then there's this. The Renault Z.E. is a two-seater runabout (yes it is, the passenger sits behind the driver) that's very much on the low-cost, tiny emission end of the spectrum. I don't fancy it's chances on the M6 at rush hour, but as a quick, nippy city car it has a certain attraction.

I can see the Top Gear guys would hate the Z.E. All the more reason to support it.

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