Saturday 16 June 2012

Renewable World

Meet Sarah Farney of Renewable World. They are a charity that believe in tackling poverty through renewable energy.

Regular Pier readers will be aware how enthusiastic we are about the use of technology and smart thinking to help communities improve their own lives. Renewable World addresses those problems simply and directly. They use renewable energy sources like solar and biogas to transform the lives of those living in energy poverty. It means that children don't have to spend their day fetching water and fuel, and instead can go to school. It means that poor communities in countries like Mozambique, Tanzania and Nicaragua have a chance to live, rather than simply survive.

Renewable World are at Bio-Technology to raise awareness and to get people to sign a pledge to make a difference to energy access and renewable sources. They're running an awareness campaign in Germany this weekend, for which Pier32 supplied the shirts. And Sarah's sporty green number is a Pier32 special too.

There's loads more about the good work Renewable World do on their website - do have a look.

Renewable World


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