Saturday 16 June 2012

Hubcap Creatures

Meet Ptolemy Elrington. He's the master and commander of Hubcap Creatures, a company that retasks one of our ugliest examples of urban waste into objects of real beauty.

His work takes the idea of recycling and uses it to talk about the nature of value - a process he calls redesigning. Hubcaps are carefully designed and well-thought out objects that abruptly lose their worth once they are separated from the car. Ptolemy gives those objects a new lease of life, a reassertion of value.


He gets his hubcaps from donations after years of kerb-surfing, including a recent gift of 1000 from the Eden Project. He also works in scrap metal, providing some striking objects for the show that are already photo-opportunity favourites.


Ptolemy is a lovely chap with a real sense of what's important in the workplace. His enthusiasm for the craft is absolutely infectious. You might notice that he's wearing a Pier32 top as well. We believe in sharing the love around.

For more, including details on how Ptolemy could make your own commissioned hubcap creature, check out his website.

Hubcap Creatures


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