Wednesday 20 June 2012

The Post-Show Blues

So, the racks and bags have been packed away, the tables have gone back in the garage. The Eco-Technology Show is over for another year. It was a fun experience, and it was good to meet so many of our old friends, and to make new ones. It was great to meet up with people like John at Fair Corp, who tipped us off about their new range of cycling gear (of which more in the next post!).
It's kind of hard to tell whether the trip was worth the time and effort at this stage. Shows like this are primarily an awareness exercise, getting the name out to people who haven't heard of us or what we do. And it's a long game - Pier32 didn't actually sell anything at the show. But if we get a few good contracts out of it - and we did chat to a couple of exciting people with some thrilling opportunities - then who knows? You could well see us back in Brighton next year.
I'd also like to announce the winner of our prize draw. A goodie bag (made from recycled drinks bottles) full of organic t-shirts and chocolate will be on it's way to Mike Monk of Brighton. Congratulations, Mike.
For now, though, it's back to normal for us.
This is Rob for TeamPier, signing off from Brighton.

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