Monday 11 June 2012

Wipe The Slate Clean

Upcycling or buying second-hand can be rewarding and economical. It can also be a little heartbreaking.

Say you've found the perfect top. Lovely fabric, just the right colour. But the designer has slapped a print over the top that puts you right off the purchase. A real shame.

But new inks developed by Dutch company Refinity could solve that dilemma. They can be removed from a garment, allowing it to be reprinted, extending the life of the piece. The inks, and the process used to remove them are non-harmful, while remaining machine washable.

Refinity are working on ways to refine the process, adapting the ink for different types of fabric, and, by shredding and re-weaving cleared garments into fresh threads, helping to create a cradle-to-cradle service for their goods.

Creating clothes that aren't stuck in a short trend cycle shows an innate understanding of green issues. Sustainability has to be about creating clothes that last, and Refinity have done just that.

For more on Refinity's Removable Prints, hit the link.


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