Thursday 24 January 2013

Enough Food For Everyone? Could Be...

In June next year, the G8 summit is meeting in London. It's a great opportunity to make our voices heard, and make sure our opinions and ideas on how to end poverty and hunger do not fall on wilfully deaf ears.

To that end, Pier32 is happy to be joining the broad spectrum of support for the Enough Food For Everyone IF... campaign. It's a simple idea. Our use of land resources is badly skewed towards cash crops that don't pay enough, and away from food production for the majority of people that work the land. There would easily be enough food for everyone if we changed our ways.

It comes down to four big ifs. There's enough for everyone IF...

  • We use land for food rather than fuel.
  • We make sure enough aid gets to the poorest countries to enable farmers to start feeding themselves.
  • Governments make sure that big companies pay their fair amount of tax.
  • Governments are transparent and open about the ways in which they deal with poorer countries.

Sounds pretty simple. The trick is in getting the big guns at the G8 summit to pay attention and start to play fair. Which is where the Enough Food For Everyone IF... campaign comes in. It's the return of Make Poverty History, with fresh aims and new goals. Pier32 came about in its current form thanks to the work Gerry the Voice did for the campaign back in the day. It makes perfect sense that we should be around for this one.

For more info on the campaign, and to sign up, check the website.

Here's the video, which sets out the aims of the campaign with the use of some charming hand-drawn animation.

We have until June. Let's get ourselves heard.



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