Wednesday 9 January 2013

Put A Cork In It...

...or more accurately, put it in some cork. Although Pier32's Mobile Blogging Solution is a highly evolved and effective method for getting the latest in ethical fashion and charity news out to everyone, yr. humble writer is always interesting in seeing what other options are out there for him and his trusty iPad.
Let us then consider the sexy, angular new case from Pomm Design. Crafted entirely from sustainable, eco-friendly cork, the iCorkCase is a simple and elegant solution to the eternal dilemma of how to keep your beloved slab of tech safe and clean.
Naturally shock-absorbent and biodegradable, cork is the ideal choice for an increasing range of products, particularly as the traditional market for the material - wine bottle closure - is under threat from screw-top and plastic corks. Take, for example, Nike's latest trainer, the LeBron X. Designed to celebrate the ten-year anniversary of the basketball player's association with the sportswear giant, the shoe features an upper made entirely from cork. Breathable, water-resistant and supple, this is not just a gimmick. Cork has been used in shoe manufacture since the 14th century, and its naturally shock-absorbent qualities make it the ideal choice for high quality, comfortable footwear.
I'll pop open a bottle to celebrate that!

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