Friday 11 January 2013

One-sie To Rule Them All

We like to keep up with the latest trends here at The Pier. We believe in responding to our client's needs. And more and more, what we're hearing is that our clients need onesies.

If you don't know what I'm talking about--lucky you. The onesie is pretty much what it sounds like. It's a grown-up version of the all-in-one that you put a baby in, complete with feet and a hood. The onesie is the natural progression from last year's blanket with sleeves, the slanket. We're basically talking about super-comfy home wear. A simpler, more cosy version of the track suit.

The onesie has blown up over the last nine months. My 18 year old super-stylish nephew, who plays for a League One football team, has been known to wear his onesie out in the street. There are sightings of people in onesies in the supermarket, on the school run. They're a revelation, apparently. Once you slide into a onesie, you're converted.

How can we not respond to that? As Guru Ian tweeted earlier in the week, Pier32 offer a onesie in our 2013 catalogue, available to customise in whatever way you see fit. Available in 8 colours and 4 sizes, we've got you quite literally covered from head to toe with this one. If there's not such a thing as a sleepover club, there soon will be.

And there's no point in sneering. Onesies will be everywhere this year. After all, it's not like there isn't precedent...


The Onesie at Pier32.


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