Wednesday 16 January 2013

Wheely Good News From The London Cycling Campaign

I have to admit, I'm no driver. The last time I sat behind the wheel of a car, I managed to back it into a tree. At 5mph the damage was minimal, but still. Things like that tend to put you off life in the fast lane.

Therefore, I proudly identify as a cyclist, whizzing off to the shops or the pictures on my trusty, two-wheeled steed. I'm part of an ever-growing band of brothers and sisters who prefer the greener, more sustainable way to make short journeys in urban spaces. And, as we're officially in The Month Of Detox, I can vouch for the healthy attributes of life in the saddle.

However, life isn't all sunshine and roses when you're on a bike. In London particularly, and especially if you're a cycling newbie, the streets of the city can be a very dangerous place.

Kudos, then, to the London Cycling Campaign, who have launched The Bike Station in Broadgate, near to Liverpool Street Station right in the heart of jolly old London. Put together in association with Broadgate Estates, The Bike Station is a safe place where you can hit up experienced cyclists for free help and advice. They'll be happy to sort you out with everything from tips on safe urban cycling to route planning and essential bike maintenance.

Pier32 were happy to help out the LCC with softshell jackets and hi-vis aprons for the launch of The Bike Station last week, and we're delighted to give a big shout out to a cause that's aimed specifically at getting more people onto bikes in London. Especially as the London Bike Show starts tomorrow!

The Bike Station is open every first and third Thursday of the month in Finsbury Avenue Square in Broadgate until April. For more info, check out the link below.

The Bike Station At Broadgate Estates


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