Thursday 11 February 2016

Livia Firth and Marks And Spencer - Together At Last!

Good old M&S has quietly become the most sustainable fashion brand on the UK High Street. Since I started writing this blog they've launched ideas like shwopping, where you can bring in old clothes for discounts on new items in store (an initiative that's now partnered with Oxfam) and the root-to-branch review of every aspect of the business to bring in eco-friendly measures called Plan A.

Now, in a further bump to the brand's sustainability creds, they've partnered with EcoAge founder and all-round ethicalista Livia Firth to bring her first clothing and accessories collection to the store. The two have form, as Livia curated a capsule range of M&S items that highlighted the best in sustainability. But the new range, launching today, is a step change.

In an interview with Vogue, Livia outlined what we can expect to see from the new collection:
"These are classic, timeless pieces that anyone, regardless of shape and age, can wear and keep forever. Transcending seasons and also occasions - going from work to a party for example and changing the look with different accessories. I have always admired women such as Jackie Onassis, Grace Kelly and Audrey Hepburn: wearing simple chic clothes and being elegant anytime anywhere, without trying too much."
Livia's commitment to making sure that the items matched her stringent ethical standards sent her all the way to Brazil to check on the leather that would be used to make the bags in her collections. She says:
"I spent time on the ground with rancheros on giant ranches in the state of Mato Grosso where the majority of Brazil's 200 million cows are raised. This might sound like an odd place for someone who is designing a fashion collection to hang out, but for me it's key to get to grips with the supply chain. Many consumers want to wear leather, but I wanted to source from as sustainable and accessible a supply chain as possible - and this one addresses deforestation and sustainability on ranches through a groundbreaking programme that basically teaches ranchers to be green... It's a great thrill to give M&S customers the chance to access that supply chain."
Our View: although it's a shame Livia's range isn't getting a nationwide roll-out in stores, her support can only help M&S's ethical credentials. Who knows, if it's popular we could see the collection on a hanger near you.

 Livia's range is showcased at the flagship M&S Pantheon store from today until Valentine's Day, and is available online now.

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